PIC: Bus Driver In Dublin "Asked Passengers" If He Was Driving The "Right Way" On New Route

He ended up taking the "wrong route through Connolly Hospital"

New Dublin Bus Main Dec

Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Shane Ross officially opened Go-Ahead Ireland's new bus depot in Ballymount during the summer and these new buses have been a huge talking point since in the capital.

The new buses operated by the company have taken over over or will take over routes: 45A, 75, 184, 63, 185, 111, 59, 17A, 102, 33A, 220, 33B, 104, 18, 76, 239, 270, 238, 76A, 236, 17, 114 & 161.

Drivers on the original routes had the option of joining the Go-Ahead group or keeping their jobs with Dublin Bus.

So, with new routes obviously means some new bus drivers but one bus driver seemingly went into the job slightly confused by his route.

Eric Gallagher was on the 17A when the bus driver turned around to the users and asked if he was in fact going the right way.

He said:

"I am currently sitting on a 17A. The driver has taken the wrong route through Connelly Hospital, he has asked passengers if he is going the right way, it's his first day he says. We are now in a car park."

He continued saying that: "Fair play to the driver it's his first day. If I were taking over a public service, I'd provide the driver with a map, a SatNav or GPS.

"Maybe do a few test runs of the route. Not really his fault I guess. I'd also post notices and timetables at stops on affected routes."

In fairness to the driver, it was his first day on the job as the Go-Ahead group just took over the 17a on December 2nd.

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