Calls for buses to run later with introduction of late pub and club hours

By Katy Thornton

January 31, 2023 at 2:07pm


Changes to club hours could come into effect from next year.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) will have to re-assess their current bus timetables if late pub and club hours come into effect.

The Journal reports that,

"Representatives from the NTA, Mandate trade union, Alcohol Action Ireland, the Institute of Public Health, the Irish Community Action on Alchohol Network and the Department of Justice are to appear before the Joint Committee on Justice at 3pm today."

Cabinet approved legislation that would give nightlife hospitality venues like clubs the option of staying open as late as 6am.


While the sale of alcohol will be prohibited past 5am in club settings, dancing can continue until 6am.

According to The Journal,

"If the extension of the general opening hours of licensed premises to 12.30am is enacted, the NTA will have to re-examine the timetables of bus and other public transport services to see whether it is possible to extend a proportion of these services to later operating hours in the cities."

"The NTA will also have to look at what the impact of those extensions would be on the transport operators and their staff and what the cost to the Exchequer would be to provide any additional operating hours beyond the current schedules."


If the driver shortage eases, we could see more 24 hour services in Dublin.

Header image via Nico Baum on Unsplash

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