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PIC: One Of Dublin’s Most Well-Known Couples Have Confirmed Split

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It has been confirmed on Instagram that one of Ireland’s most popular and well-known couples have split.

Xposé host, Cassie Stokes has confirmed over Instagram that she has split with her girlfriend of two years.

The 30-year-old was going out with Kathleen Gauvin. They had dated for three years when they lived in Canada but broke up when Cassie moved to Ireland.

However, a year later, Kathleen followed Cassie over and the pair lived in Dublin but their relationship is now longer.

“She said yes… To taking some time apart,” the presenter said in the post and added that she was “Sad to close this chapter, but life is about turning pages and enjoying everything in between.”

Speaking about her sexuality to The Irish Independent in 2017, Cassie revealed that she came out at the age of 25.

“In Toronto, I realised I was gay. When I was away and meeting new people, I got to be ‘Cassie in Toronto’, who was the real me; not the person I moulded myself to be in Ireland. I wasn’t trying to live up to anything and also I realised, ‘actually I think I’m gay’. The move helped me with that.

“The biggest positive for me was getting to know me, there was a little someone inside me and I got to meet that person. I was a more confident version of the person I always had been:

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