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20th Dec 2016

Clown Costumes Have Been Banned At This Punchestown Halloween Event


I am NOT a fan of this recent clown costume craze.

That stuff is horrifying! I mean, this absolutely terrifying, axe-wielding clown broke into someone’s home recently! I’ll repeat a key phrase from that sentence in case you missed it: AXE-WIELDING!

Wild Scare Fun, a Halloween event in Punchestown, has decided to enforce a strict ‘no clowns’ policy for the family section of their event on the 29th of October.

Scary Clown

Ronan O’Kelly, the event organiser, has said, “What has been happening in Ireland and the UK this week has really shown that people can take things too far.

“We want to ensure the public that we don’t encourage or condone such behaviour and therefore feel a zero-clown policy is necessary for the event this year.

“We want our event to be scary yes, but in a fun way, and we don’t want our customers feeling out of their comfort zone too much. There are enough clowns in the world with these fools.”

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