PIC: Conor McGregor's Alleged Mugshot From April Has Been Revealed

"McGregor, Conor. Male. White. 29".

Conor Mcgregor

MMA fighter Conor McGregor finds himself back in the courtroom today following a backstage fight at the Barclays Center where he smashed a window on a bus carrying fellow UFC fighters which caused injuries to two.

An MMA journalist has released an alleged picture of McGregor's mugshot from his time in the New York jail when he was arrested.

The picture shows McGregor in his blue jumper (the same one he is wearing when he walked out of the station in handcuffs) with all of McGregor's details.

"McGregor, Conor. Male. White. 29. Assault with intent to cause physical injury".

Chamatkar Sandhu who is a journalist with MMA Junkie and USA Today revealed the photos on his Twitter account just shortly before his court hearing.

He was filmed throwing barricades at the UFC event in New York after being stripped of his Lightweight title.

McGregor and his co-defendant, UFC fighter Cain Cowley, could find out whether they will be indicted for the backstage melee in April.

Reports in America are saying that McGregor is working on a plea deal as he could face seven years in prison for the incident.

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