The Owners Of Copper Face Jacks Made €100,000 Profit Per WEEK Last Year

Or about €15,000 per day

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Owning a nightclub is seriously good business, it would appear – provided that nightclub happens to be one of the biggest and most successful in the country.

The company behind Copper Face Jacks posted profits of €4.84m, which is equivalent to...

  • Close to €100,000 per week
  • Close to €14,000 every single day 
  • Just over €500 per hour

Although the results are spectacular, they're actually down about 10% from the €5.5m they made in profits last year. 

They employ close to 300 staff at the venue in the Jackson Court Hotel.

We might laugh about getting the shift or people from the country coming to Coppers, but the fact is that this place is a serious business and bloody good at what they do. Fair play.