DFA shuts Chinese 'Overseas Police Station' on Capel Street

By lovindublin

October 28, 2022 at 12:33pm


This was just one of 54 similar police outposts held by Chinese authorities.


According to The Independent:

"A police station on Capel Street in Dublin which operated under the auspices of a Chinese overseas provincial service has been closed after the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) intervened."

According to the DFA the Chinese authorities never requested permission to have this overseas police station on Capel Street; the department insisted upon its closure as a result.


A spokesperson for the DFA said this in a statement:

"Neither the Chinese authorities nor Fuzhou/Fujian Province made a request in advance to the Department of Foreign Affairs to establish the office referred to.

"In this context, the Department of Foreign Affairs raised the presence of a 'Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Station' with the Embassy of China in Ireland in recent weeks.

"The Department noted that actions of all foreign states on Irish territory must be in compliance with international law and domestic law requirements. On this basis, the Department informed the Embassy that the office on Capel Street should close and cease operations. The Chinese Embassy has now stated that the activities of the office have ceased."


The Independent reports that the Capel Street station was just "one of 54 overseas police outposts held by Chinese authorities."

Two similar stations have been shut down in the Netherlands.

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