Drop Everything – A Gin Hotel Is About To Open

We want to move in. Permanently.

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Think you have serious notions?

Think again. Because a gin hotel is actually opening in London. 

*squeals with glee*

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The Distillery Hotel will open on December 16 on Portobello Road in West London, with four entire floors dedicated to worshipping gin. 

With a 400-litre gin still in the basement, you'll never be without a deoch. 

There'll also be a 'Ginstitute' (eh, the dream?) where visitors can learn everything there is to know about this beloved spirit. 

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Experience 5

On the first floor you'll find 'GinTonica' – a spanish bar and restaurant serving G&Ts in the classic Copa de Balon/balloon glasses. 

The interior looks groovy. 

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On the top floor, there's a private dining room called the Boardroom, with a VIP bar and a choice of three boutique rooms - each fitted with minibars and record players - that start from £125 per night.

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Pics: The Distillery 

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