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22nd Jul 2022

Dublin Airport continues to suffer delays and cancellations this weekend

Katy Thornton

dublin airport delays

Turbulence has hit summer air travel even before flights have a chance to take off.

The return of summer travel, as well as the current covid surge happening globally, has created considerable problems for Dublin Airport. News of queues, disruptions, and cancellations has spread, making anyone hopping on a flight anytime soon naturally a bit uneasy. The airport has even deployed members of the Defence Forces to make up for the lack of staff in an attempt to make things run smoother.

However, despite their best efforts, the Independent has reported Dublin Airport will continue to see delays and cancellations this weekend. Air Portugal as well as Ryanair have both had to cancel flights leaving Dublin Airport for the coming days.

Some good news however if you’re flying Aer Lingus; the Independent reports there will be no cancellations on their part this weekend.

Cancellations and delays are also down to Dublin Airport, and other airports around the world, limiting the amount of flights that come and go. The Independent reports airlines have been made aware of this, and these limitations could well continue into the autumn season.

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