PIC: Dublin Bus Driver Does A Wonderful Daily Gesture For A "Blind Lady" Passenger On 67 Bus Route

A great gesture

Dublin Bus

It's no secret that some Dublin Bus drivers give 110% when they're behind the wheel of their vehicle.

Just before Christmas, we learnt about the Dublin Bus Driver who came to the rescue of this girl.

Her late night experience about being followed is something we should all look out for in Dublin.

As for this Dublin Bus driver, he regularly helps out one of his passengers so she won't miss her bus each day.

"Seen the driver of a 67 @dublinbusnews get out of his bus and go help a blind lady from my estate across the road so she didn't miss the bus he was driving.. Well done that man. Happy Monday," the tweet says.

And if you think these brilliant acts of kindness go unnoticed by Dublin Bus, they most certainly don't.

Dublin Bus replied to the tweet asking when and where it happened before saying that they'd pass the kind deed onto "Phibsboro Depot".

Massive respect.

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