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05th Jan 2018

Dublin Bus Finally Reveal The News That We’ve Been Dying To Hear

Darragh Berry

As we stumbled our way back into work this week, a lot of us were getting our ‘later than usual’ buses so we could squeeze an extra few minutes of sleep in. 

Ten extra minutes in the morning could be the difference between a good day and a ‘get outta my way’ sort of day.

Well, we may only be less than a week into 2018 but Dublin Bus has released a statement that includes news we all wanted to hear. 

The company are introducing 80 new buses to their fleet in 2018 meaning more comfort and reliability for those who rely heavily on this piece of public transport.

In a statement, Dublin Bus said: 

“In order to meet the increase in demand for our services, we continuously review the key growth areas across the Greater Dublin Area (GDA) in conjunction with the NTA. 

“We will introduce up to 80 new buses to the fleet in 2018. These buses will enter service on a phased basis from spring 2018 and will further enhance the comfort and reliability of our services for customers. 

“As Ireland’s largest public transport provider, we are uniquely placed to cater for increased customer demand throughout the GDA and the addition of new buses into the fleet will help us achieve this.”

Dublin is growing and the company’s numbers show that as there was almost 140 million users on DB in 2017. 

They also introduced new modern Euro 6 vehicles with multiple USB charging points which have been a life saver when your phone is nearly dead on a long trip. 

Speaking about the increase in customers choosing to use Dublin Bus, CEO Ray Coyne said: “2017 was a year of strong growth for the company and the city. Great cities need great public transport and at Dublin Bus, we are delighted to be playing our role in the success of Dublin.”

It’s the little things like this that can go a long way in our working week. 

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