Dublin café owner mourns the 'sad news' about loyal customer Coolio

By Katy Thornton

September 29, 2022 at 10:35am


Ernesto "had some craic with Coolio on many occasions."


By now most of us have heard the sad news that rapper Coolio passed away on Wednesday evening 28th September. The American rapper is suspected to have suffered cardiac arrest, but there's been no official cause of death released yet.

While the internet mourns his loss, Dublin café owner Ernesto, of Ernesto's in Rathmines, took to Instagram to share a video of himself and the late rapper. In a short and sweet caption he said this:

"Really sad news this morning, had some craic with Coolio on many occasions, hanging out with my bro now."


In the video, Ernesto asks Coolio if he likes Dublin to which he replies that he loves it, and has been coming to years. There was many a Coolio gig had in Dublin, and the rapper has even featured on Versatile songs before.

In the above clip Coolio also shows us the "Dublinese" that he's learnt, including phrases such as "yup the flats" and "scarleh for your ma" which he rightly understood to mean "shame on your mother for you having."

In response Ernesto bestowed him with Irish citizenship, saying "You're local man."

Dublin is well and truly mourning the loss of Coolio today.


Header image via Instagram/ernestoscoffee

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