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Dublin Canvas Are Looking For Artists To Paint Over 100 New Boxes In The City This Summer

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If you’ve always wanted to paint one of those boxes that you see scattered all over the city, now is your chance. 

Dublin Canvas are looking for artists to take part in their summer 2018 project and you could be one of them.

They need a whole load of new artists to come on board and help complete a total of 109 new boxes that are just waiting to be brought to life.

They need people to help them transform boxes from some like this…

Into something like this…

Since the project first began in 2015, the boxes have injected a deadly splash of colour to areas that were otherwise grey and bleak.

And as the plan now expands, South Dublin County Council will be the latest area to turn colourful.

Dublin Canvas have uploaded a map to their website which reveals the locations of boxes that are available to be painted (green), and that have already been painted (red).

Canvas Map

If you’re a budding artist and you fancy getting involved and painting a box by yourself, or with a group of fellow artists you can check out more information on the Dublin Canvas website

The deadline for submitting work is Monday 16 April, and successful works will be completed between May and late Autumn.

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