A Kitten Was Stolen From The Cat Lounge In Smithfield – And They Desperately Need Her Back

"We are so concerned for Lizzie as she is too young to be separated from her siblings"

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A little baby kitten has been stolen from Dublin's Cat Lounge and our hearts are breaking for the tiny fluffball.

The Cat Lounge opened its doors a few months back in Smithfield as a place for our feline friends to hang out and mess around. Customers can book a 90-minute session in the place for €15 where they can drink complimentary coffee and simply soak up all them good cat vibes... But y'know what's bad vibes?

Taking one of the kittens home with you. It's just not on. 

Lizzie was stolen from The Cat Lounge yesterday evening and the owners say she's way too young to be taken from her siblings 

The Cat Lounge owner shared a desperate plea on Facebook for Lizzie's safe return, saying the kitten is microchipped and needs her medication. 

Please bring the little kitty back to her home. "You can bring her to Future Shock next door to the lounge, anonymously and no questions asked."

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