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13th Jul 2017

Dublin City Council Accused Of Refusing To Give Sleeping Bags To The City’s Homeless


The Dublin Regional Homeless Executive has denied claims that it is refusing to give sleeping bags to those living on the streets of the city.

A homeless man living in the city told the Dublin Inquirer this week that the organisation said no to his request for a sleeping bag, due to the fact that he had been given one the previous night.

Despite explaining that it had gotten wet in the rain, he says he received no assistance from the DRHE.

The site also spoke to several other homeless people who also claimed that they were denied sleeping bags as they were not registered with the DRHE.

However, a spokesperson for the organisation (which is run by Dublin City Council) said that this was not the case and sleeping bags were available to anyone sleeping rough.

“Sleeping bags are provided to clients as a humanitarian response when there is no accommodation available. There are no restrictions on who can receive a sleeping bag.”

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