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26th Jul 2018

Inquest Hears That Dublin School Boy Died After McDonald’s ‘Peri Peri Chicken Wrap’ And Suffered A Fatal Allergic Reaction

Darragh Berry

A ten-year-old Dublin schoolboy who died after eating a McDonald’s Peri Peri Chicken Wrap was found to have a passed away after a fatal allergic reaction.

An inquest heard on Thursday that ten minutes after eating the wrap, the boy’s face and lips began to swell up and was pronounced dead in hospital later that day.

The Irish Sun say that the wrap came from the Ilac Centre outlet on October 7 2016 but that “it was a normal order with no query about ingredients” despite the boy being advised to avoid milk, eggs, fish and nuts as a child.

His mother told the inquest that: “He ate the whole wrap. Within ten minutes he began to feel ill. He asked to go to the toilet. In the toilets he said ‘Mam I’m feeling weak, I can’t walk’.”

A pathologist said that the cause of death was an acute anaphylactic shock and it was found that the Peri Peri chicken wrap contained milk, one of the substances that the boy had been advised to avoid as a child by doctors.