Dublin named Europe's most expensive city to visit

By Katy Thornton

April 14, 2022 at 2:58pm


Dublin has been winning all sorts of prizes as of late...


Just days after Dublin Airport was named the second most stressful in Europe, Dublin has been named the most expensive city to visit. In a study done by money.co.uk, they discovered our capital city to reign winner as Europe's expensive place to visit, just ahead of Prague in second place, and Edinburgh in third.

Notoriously expensive countries such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Oslo rank at 7th, 8th, and 9th respectively. Last in the Top 12 list is Bristol.

What makes Dublin Europe's most expensive city?


The study was done using these parameters: average Airbnb cost, bus fare, top-rated attractions, white wine, and cheapest meal. Dublin's average airbnb costs £252.88 per night (prices in pounds as the study comes from a UK company), which is £42 more expensive than Prague's. A room in Edinburgh on average costs £190, while in Zurich, in 5th places, a room costs on average £142.99. Dublin's bus fare sits at £8.43, while its top attraction costs £20.83. Our white wine costs £5.94 per glass, and our cheapest meal sits at £11.65.

The cost of an Airbnb is where Dublin really falls down. Our bus fare for a day and the price of our top-rated attraction also contribute heavily to our position on this list. Our wine is actually on the cheaper side (one glass costs nearly £10 in Oslo) and our cheapest meal fits in with the other European cities (although Geneva's is at a steep £18.02).

Europe's cheapest city breaks

On the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest city to visit in Europe is Istanbul, Turkey with the average cost of an Airbnb costing £51.38 a night. This is followed by Thessaloniki, Greece and then Berlin, Germany. Other cities on this list include Porto, Naples, Athens, Antwerp, Vienna, and Brussels.


So if you're booking a city break soon in Europe, maybe keep these spots in mind.

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