VIDEO: Dublin Student Allegedly Part Of Sexism World Cup Tape

By Darragh Berry

June 22, 2018 at 8:56am


A video of Female World Cup fans being tricked into singing chants about female genitalia and being duped into saying rude words has caused a storm at this year's World Cup.

And, according to Dublin Live, one of the men involved in the group is allegedly a student in Dublin.

Footage has emerged of men, dressed in Brazil football shirts, encouraging women to chant with them.

The videos, filmed in Russia with various women footballing fans, has already seen two of the men losing their jobs.


Most involve groups of men encouraging women to sing things like "pink vagina" and "I'm a bitch, more whore than anybody" and in one case a young boy, (those involved don't understand Portuguese) to repeat derogatory, sexists and homophobic phrases and chants.

According to TeleSur, two of the men in the video have been identified. They include Eduardo Nunes, a military policeman from the state of Santa Catarina, and Diego Valenca Jatoba, a former Minister of Tourism, Sport and Culture of the city of Ipojuca (Pernambuco).

If the clip is not playing, you can find it here. One of the men in the video has apologised for his actions saying that it was a joke gone wrong and was the result of a party atmosphere and too much alcohol.


"We are fathers, workers, and you're ending our lives. I apologize to women who might have felt offended, but this is becoming a tempest in a teapot," the man said.

The alleged Dublin student has not been confirmed to have taken part in the video as of yet.