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18th Jan 2023

Dublin voted the 4th best city in the world for culture

Katy Thornton

Our class culture is getting much deserved recognition.


January has been a good month for Dublin. First they rank 19th in the best cities of 2023 worldwide, and now they’ve placed as the 4th best city in the world for culture. Tripadvisor pulled data to create this list to find the top destinations as chosen by the global travel community.

In first place for culture came Fes in Morocco, then Jerusalem in Israel, and then Athens in Greece. Dublin beat out cities such as Jaipur in India, Budapest in Hungary, and Berlin in Germany for culture.

Below are the reasons behind Dublin winning 4th place for the the best city with culture in the world.

“You’ve probably heard that Guinness tastes better in Dublin (fresh from the factory), but what you may not know is that Dublin is a perfect destination for the whole family. No, we’re not suggesting you let the kiddies drink a pint. Instead, take them to the Dublin Zoo, to feed the ducks in Stephen’s Green or on a picnic in Phoenix Park. Scholars enjoy walking in the literary footsteps of such writers as Yeats and Joyce, while discerning shoppers have their pick of designer boutiques.”

So there you have it; if we weren’t already convinced of our class culture, here’s further proof.

Header image via Shutterstock

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