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22nd Jan 2019

PIC: ‘Vikings’ Actor Apologises After Tearing Into Fair City In Bizarre Late Night Rant

Darragh Berry

Elijah, tell us how you really feel.

Vikings Actor, Elijah Rowen, has issued an apology after he slated RTÉ and Dublin based soap Fair City.

The actor said that the soap was an embarrassment and that actors shouldn’t really consider it.

“Personally I think Fair City is embarrassing. I understand actors might do it for financial gain, but if you really want to be accepted in the acting world you wouldn’t do it.

“If you want to talk artistry or expressionally, it’s a joke.”

The 25-year-old released an apology to The Irish Independent and said that he was “caught off guard” and made a mistake after speaking about the programme in the “early hours”.

You can find the full apology here.

He also put up an Instagram photo with a caption related to the Fair City comment:

“Don’t believe everything you hear online… I respect anyone who’s grinding away in this industry… And you don’t know someone until you actually know them.

The Surrey born actor went to Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin and describes himself on his website like so:

“I am a founding member of Gumption theatre company. Since graduating I’ve gone on to do a few small plays, commercials and student & professional short films.

“But most importantly have really been studying the craft of acting on particularly film and doing some really interesting workshops as I feel the most important thing in this game is to constantly be improving as if you dedicate yourself to that and have a real passion for it, all the other stuff will eventually follow.”

Fair City celebrates its 30th year anniversary this year but we still think that these are the 10 most shocking moments from the classic show.

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