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13th Apr 2018

Ellen DeGeneres Gave Another Shout Out To Tropical Popical For Saoirse Ronan’s Birthday

James Fenton

Saoirse Ronan has been in the public eye for so long now, it’s hard to believe she only turned 24 yesterday. 

The Lady Bird star is sure to have received plenty of messages wishing her the best on her big day but this one from Ellen DeGeneres has probably gotten the most attention considering the chat show host has a whopping 77.6 million followers on Twitter. 

It reads:

‘Happy birthday, Saoirse Ronan. I hope you celebrate at Tropical Popical.’

Yep, Tropical Popical, Dublin’s most famous nail salon got another shout out from Ellen after Saoirse waxed lyrical about it on the show a couple of years back. 

They’re sure to be flying in from all corners of the world now to get their nails done on South William Street. Who knows, maybe even Ellen herself will come over to satisfy her curiosity. 

Never hurts to have a famous friend or two does it? 

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