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12th Apr 2018

Six Things To Do In Dublin This Weekend That Are Actually A Bitta Craic


If your plan this weekend is to stay in your jammies for an entire 48 hours – only moving to answer the door to the pizza delivery driver – then you do you, boo. 

But maybe, just maybe, our list of six fun things to do in town this weekend will tempt you outside. 

We’re looking forward to heaps of Irish food and drink, cool art and roaring our heads off at a free comedy night. The cure to banishing Sunday night fear? Making the most of the weekend don’tcha know… 

Here’s what to do if you actually want to do something: 

1. Edge Only x Leah Hewson

A jewellery and fine art collaboration will show at the EOxLH Gallery Store at 9 Wellington Quay, between two of Ireland’s most exciting creatives, Jenny Huston of Edge Only jewellery and acclaimed Irish contemporary artist Leah Hewson.

The collaboration has resulted in three stand out elements – an elegant, linear nine-piece hand-crafted jewellery collection for women and men from Huston, four superb limited edition fine art prints from Hewson, and together, luxury packaging for the jewellery collection.

Jewellery prices will start at €119 and prints will range from €90 – €120.

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2. Traditional Irish Food Tour

Love food? Love Irish food? Then you’re on a real winner here. 

A fun, informative walking food tour in Dublin city centre will see you spend around three hours learning about Ireland’s culinary heritage and enjoy some traditional Irish staples made with love. From Irish coffee to artisan ice-cream, Irish craft beer to delicious Irish stews, join like-minded foodies on a tasty Irish food experience. 

It’s on Sunday at 11am and tickets are €60, which includes all your grub.

3. Free comedy at Accents 

The only thing better than comedy is FREEEEE comedy, yo’. 

Accents Lounge does free comedy evenings every Saturday evening at 9.30pm, making it a cosy way to spend a sober weekend while still stocking up on the laughs. Top tip: get a hot chocolate and swirl the choccie buttons away to your heart’s content. 

4. Live your best life at Eatyard

If you want a more boozy approach to the weekend then Eatyard is having a little collab with Jameson.

Each vendor will create a special whiskey dish (word on the street is there’s a whiskey syrup from Kale + Coco) and you can get a treat from all the below spots who will be dishing up their Eatyard goodies:

–                    Wicklow based burger bar Box Burger

–                    Just Wing It from Tallaght

–                    Ireland’s first smoothie bowl bar Kale and Coco

–                    Moore Street Mall favourite Mr. Donut

–                    Eggy delight Blue Hare

–                    Dublin’s first purely vegan shop Vish Shop

–                    Pakistani and Eastern cuisine restaurant Kinara Kitchen

5. De-extinction dinner at The Science Gallery 

What are the emerging technologies, risks and outcomes of the growing movement to bring back extinct species? If we brought back these species what would they taste like and would they be fake or a copy of the real thing? 

This intriguing dinner looks at the difficult science — and challenging ethics — of resurrecting extinct species from recovered bits of their DNA. 

Tickets are (eek!) sold out so scour #Ticketfairy and pray. 

6. Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar

Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar is the original, longest-running and best-known show on the Irish gay scene and is unlike any bingo you’ve played before with your grandma in the local hall. 

It kicks off at 9.30pm on Sunday in The George but is often standing room only from very early in the evening, so don’t dilly-dally over your outfit. (Top tips from Shirley herself.)

This week’s jackpot is €1,300 and there’s heaps of other cash prizes and free drinks to be won. End the weekend on a positive note, g’wan.

Now… That’s one weekend closer to summer, right?

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