33 Thoughts We've All Had Walking Down The Grand Canal On Our Way To Work


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God bless anyone who gets off the Luas stop at Charlemont and trudges down the long, fiery path of hell in the mornings that is the Grand Canal. 

Yeah, it's pretty. Suuuuure. Pretty goddamn crowded AF at 8.30am with people almost knocking you in the water as they speed ahead to grab a decaf soy flat white before their morning meeting. 

We hate you, pushy coffee people. 

Here's some thoughts that we've all had on this commute. Join us. 

1. Right, this isn't so bad

Sure I managed to get on the third Luas that pulled up this morning! Great start. 

2. Oh. A queue to go down the steps


4. Jesus my grandmother goes down steps faster than this 

5. Okay okay okay 

*Deep breaths* 

6. We're on the canal. Fresh air. 

7. Well, if dead leaves are fresh 

8. I wish I wore my runners

9. Why do I always think boots are okay to walk this rat race in?

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10. Wow that person is a good fast walker

11. Look at him go! Such speed! 

12. Oh he almost crashed into a cyclist

He's living out our worst nightmare right now 

13. This walk gets longer every day

14. How many bridges are there?!

15. Oh yay the market is on today 

That sweet, sweet, cheesy smell of Pasta Box 

16. LOL not that I'll get out of the office 

17. Halfway there

Why does it feel like I've been walking for half my entire life?

18. Are cyclists cars or pedestrians?

Please, make up your mind 

19. Ah, Patrick Kavanagh is lookin' well 

Jesus Christ I would love to sit down right now


21. Walking in single file is awful 

22. Please just let me overtake you 

23. Maybe I should cycle 

*sees a cyclist almost get hit by a car* NOPE 

24. I'm so hot

25. Hot as in s-w-e-a-t-y 

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26. Right, I can see the office

27. That wasn't so bad right?

28. Juuuuust gotta cross the road

29. Great yep sure I'll just stand here for the next hour 

30. Are these lights broken?

For real I've been waiting here forever 

31. Oh god

32. I've just realised 

33. I have to do this all over again at 5.30pm 


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