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24th Aug 2018

PIC: Gardai Have Issued Insane Demands To Residents On The Pope’s Route

Megan Cassidy

There’s been all sorts of madness in the city ahead of the weekend’s papal visit, but this takes the business.

Residents of Church Street, one of the streets that the Pope will pass through during his parade this weekend, are extremely confused at one of the Gardai’s “requests” ahead of the visit.

A notice issued to residents reads ‘Maximum Capacity of 4 per household’… leading families of five or more to wonder what they are supposed to do with the extra family members.

Other demands include ensuring everyone in the household is carrying photo id, and that names of any guests who will be at the address are put forward.

And it’s not just the residents who are outraged. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) has questioned the legality of the Gardai’s requests, writing on their site:

‘Compelling people to produce their personal data in order to gain access to their own homes is a highly intrusive act which triggers privacy rights under European and international human rights laws.

‘While concerns about public security may justify the gathering of sensitive information, An Garda Síochána must ensure that their wristband requirements on Church Street are lawful, necessary and proportionate.’

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