Get Soaked This Morning? Here's How The Weather For The Rest Of The Week Is Looking

This might cheer you up

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It's fair to say that the weather this morning was pretty f*cking miserable.

With Dublin Bus set to continue industrial action tomorrow, many of us are left with no option but to walk to work – which will be far from pleasant if the downpours continue.

Luckily, Met Éireann have promised that things are set to improve and you shouldn't get too much of a soaking if you're commuting by foot tomorrow.

The rain will continue for the rest of the day and into tonight but should clear by dawn for a much milder day.

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“Any lingering overnight rain will clear soon after dawn on Tuesday morning, and the day will continue dry with sunny intervals,” said a Met Éireann spokesperson

“Winds veering westerly will stay moderate to fresh for much of the day and it will be quite mild. Highest temperatures 15 to 18 degrees Celsius, best in the south and southeast.”

The drizzle is expected to return by evening in the north and northwest of the country but temperatures will rise to upwards of 20 degrees Celsius by Wednesday.

The rest of the week is set to be changeable and showery so don't go anywhere without that brolly!

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