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Have We Got News For You – Bosco’s Gender Has Finally Been Revealed

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The mystery of Ireland’s favourite puppets’ gender has been deemed in Ireland as the eighth wonder of the world. 

With androgynous looks, unisex outfits and high-pitched voices – we never knew what to make of the TV star. 

However, while it thankfully never mattered too much to most, we were all still a little bit curious. 

And finally, in 2017, the record has been set straight.

In an exclusive interview with 96FM, radio producer Brenda Dennehy and Bosco chatted their way through the afternoon, mentioning Ms Dennehy’s potential wedding, and whether Bosco would be interesting in being a member of the bridal party. 

Upon being asked this, the puppet dropped that perhapsthe role most suitable would be….



So, there you have it folks. 

Bosco is a boy. 

Check out the video above from 0:55 to see for yourselves. 

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