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20th Dec 2016

We’ve Reached Peak Ireland – This Potato Picture Sold For Over A Million


What with it being January, payday week, and ‘New Year/New Me’ trending, we’re no stranger to spending a painful amount of money on fruit, vegetables and notions. 

But this guy took the biscuit. Or potato, even.

According to the Irish Times, an unnamed European businessman shelled out the staggering sum of $1 million quid for a portrait taken by celebrity photographer Kevin Abosch

No recession in that house. 


Photo cred:

The client caught sight of the work, titled Potato #345, while visiting Kevin Abosch’s home in France’s capital. 

According to CNN, the piece is the 15th most expensive photo ever sold.

And here we’ve been taking pictures of our dinner for Instagram… How wrong we were.

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