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20th Dec 2016

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Today’s March For Choice


Today is an important day, not just for the women of Ireland, but for all people that call this country their home. 

Organised by the Abortion Rights Campaign, the 5th annual March for Choice takes place this afternoon and every bit of support you can lend is important in the role of changing the laws of the country for the better. 

You can support the campaign in many ways and the first is being informed as to what is actually on the itinerary.

Repeal Mural

The March

People will be gathering at the Garden of Remembrance on Parnell Square from 1.30pm, before beginning their march to Dáil Éireann at 2pm.   

The theme of this year’s march is ‘Rise and Repeal’ which is a reference to and comment on the failure of the Republic to fulfil the promise of equality for all made in 1916.

The Route

Beginning at the Garden of Remembrance, marchers will assemble near the Rotunda Hospital from 1.30pm. At 2pm, the march will begin. It will proceed down O’Connell Street, past the GPO, where the freedom Irish women are denied was first declared all those years ago. 

Upon reaching the quays, the march will turn left, towards The Custom House, which is where many of the confiscated packets of abortion pills, ordered by women who are unable to travel, end up. The march will then be joined by Parents for Choice. Organisers ask that you join the march here if you wish to take part but are unable to walk the full route. 

The march will then cross the River Liffey, in the direction of Trinity College, on to Pearse Train Station, passing the Irish Family Planning Association’s head office, on to Merrion Square, past the National Maternity Hospital on Holles Street, and on to the final destination of Dáil Éireann, where the marchers will hear from speakers who will solidify the importance of such a protest.

Please find full route details here.

Map For Choice

Transport for the March for Choice

As Dublin Bus strikes continue, they will most likely affect some people wishing to attend the march. 

However, some kind hearted legends have set up a transport page, to help people organise lifts and transfers to and from the march.

You can find the transport page here. 

Carpool For Choice

Credit: Abortion Rights Campaign Facebook

Cakes for Choice

Other wonderful spin-off groups have been set up, such as Cakes for Choice, who are asking for donations of baked goods to support the Afters for Choice (which I’ll tell you about in a sec, hold on!)

They are asking for donations of baked goods to feed hungry marchers and will be accepting donations in Filmbase, the home of Afters for Choice, from 10am. They do ask that you try and let them know if you are going to be bringing down donations, but if you decide to bake something up last minute, that is fine! 

Cakes For Choice

Afters for Choice

The Afters – March for Choice will be taking place in Filmbase immediately after the march, with tea, coffee and treats, a creative workshop, a SpeakOut, performances and party! There will even be a Merch for Choice, when you can buy Repeal the 8th merchandise, and more!

You can find the page for The Afters – March for Choice here. 

Afters For Choice

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