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21st Dec 2016

Here’s How You Can Bag Yourself Some FREE Gino’s Gelato Today


Listen up, y’all. Free gelato is at stake today, and we’re going to tell you how you can get stuck in to the creamy goodness. 

We all know and love Gino’s to no end, and with thanks to their new sit in menu at their George’s Street, we no longer have to eat on the move.  


Need a quick reminder of what Gino’s is all about? Let us fill you in…

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So tell us! How do we get our hands on this tasty gelato?

Well, get yourself down to their George’s Street store tomorrow between 2pm – 4pm. Their new menu is there for the sampling and a sit down service is there for the perching. 

Aaaaaand, the first lot of customers in the door will be treated to some tasty ice cream, free of charge. 

What a way to round off your week. You’d be mad not to!

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