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09th Aug 2017

Homeless Children In Dublin Are Living On A Diet On Fast Food And Takeaways


A new study has found that the health of young children living in emergency accommodation is seriously worrying.

According to the Irish Times, a survey conducted by Focus Ireland on behalf of the Departments of Children and Health, found that the homeless families who are currently living in emergency accommodation had very limited or no access to kitchen facilities.

This meant that they have to supplement their diet with fast-food, such as crisps and biscuits.

The survey involved interviewing 10 families, as well as those in charge of the accommodation.

Out of the 10 families interviewed, only one family had breakfast and dinner provided by the accommodation. Five families had breakfast only.

The remaining families were not provided for, and had to turn to takeaways.

According to the report, chips, Coke, milk, crisps and sweets are the most frequently consumed.

Almost all families ate off their bed, or on the floor. 

The full reports of the research will be published on Wednesday. 

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