Ikea investment group to build 150 social homes in greater Dublin area

By Fiona Frawley

October 3, 2022 at 4:50pm


And they won't be delivered in flatpack form, before you start stressing about having the right sized allen key.

In some well-overdue positive Irish housing news, Ikea store parent Ingka Investments have pledged to invest €100m to build 150 social homes across Dublin over the next three years.

Once completed, the new homes will be leased on a long-term basis to the relevant local authority.

Each project is "construction-ready" and "relatively compact in scale", averaging 50-70 units each.

Investment group Ingka have said that this will make for minimal impact on local services and better integration into neighbouring communities.


In a unique move, Ingka have also said that the rental payments from the local authority will be treated like mortgage repayments, allowing the transfer of the homes to the local authority at the end of the term at an estimated zero additional cost.

The initiative will create an increase in the stock of social housing in Ireland and "produce a significant benefit to society", Ingka say.

Ingka will allocate funds to ensure the homes are energy efficient to the highest possible standard, in order to reduce costs for the occupant and protect the environment. A percentage will also be invested in social facilities such as parks, playgrounds and community centres.

Construction is expected to commence in the coming weeks with an estimated total delivery of 150 social housing units over the next 36 months.


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