Met Eireann Warn Of A "Cyclonic Weather Pattern" Next Week Following Aftermath Of Storm Oscar

This looks and sounds scary

Cyclone Main Ireland

Met Éireann has just released some scary news and we don't think we've heard the likes of it in a long time.

In their weather outlook for next week, they state that a "predominantly cyclonic southerly airflow looks likely to dominate the weather pattern over Ireland through the outlook period.

"Our weather will remain changeable and often unsettled with further spells of rain and strong winds."

Now cyclonic weather in weather terminology is defined as "an atmospheric system characterized by the rapid inward circulation of air masses about a low-pressure center, usually accompanied by stormy, often destructive weather.

"Cyclones circulate counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere."

So we could be preparing for some pretty rough weather next week. Anyone else feel a red warning coming on?

For the moment though, Ireland's weekend weather will be mostly dry with the odd scattered shower here and there.

The start of next week will be "changeable and often unsettled with spells of wet and windy weather."

And that's before the "cyclonic weather" begins.

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