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07th Feb 2018

These Are The Areas Infected In Leinster By Irish Water’s “No Drink No Wash” Warning

Darragh Berry

Irish Water has confirmed that over 1,000 households in parts of Leinster have been told not to use water for drinking or even washing.

Samples that were taken in these areas suggested that the chlorine levels had elevated causing rashes and sickness.

In a statement, Irish Water said: 

“Customers must not drink the water or wash in the water until further notice but we expect that the issue will be resolved later tonight. 

“We will provide further updates on this throughout the day. Customers are advised to draw down water from attic/storage tank, customers should flush toilets or run bathroom taps intermittently, as tanks refill chlorine levels in storage tank will return to normal.”

The townlands affected by the ‘no drink and no wash’ warning are: 

  • Kilcloon
  • Moygaddy
  • Killeany
  • Kilgraigue
  • Harristown
  • Brownstown
  • Ballynare
  • Butlerstown
  • Staffordstown
  • Brownrath
  • Blackhall Little
  • Waynestown
  • Harlockstown
  • Ballymacoll

Irish Water has apologised for the inconvenience caused.

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