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21st Jul 2019

It Seems The First Of The College Green ‘Summer Sundays’ Isn’t Exactly What People Expected

James Fenton

Ahead of the first College Green ‘Summer Sunday’ today, there was great anticipation and curiosity as to how it would turn out.

It’s not often we get to see one of the Dublin’s major traffic hubs completely free of buses, cars and taxis and the outcome of the trial could determine how our city operates for many years to come.

However, it appears some people are a bit surprised at the number of barriers in the area as well as security personnel and a sign which reads ‘ground rules.’

Green Party Councillor Neasa Hourigan posted some pictured of College Green earlier along with the words ‘I’m delighted to see the pedestrianisation trial of College Green go ahead but security guards, thousands of metal barriers, pedestrians being refused access to the space and no cycle parking is not what I had in mind.’

Others who were in the area appear to have been left just as confused…

However, it appears that Dublin City Council removed some of the barriers later on…

After today, the College Green trial will take place over the next two Sundays.

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