'It's been a tough morning' Industry & Co suffer café break-in

By Katy Thornton

May 18, 2022 at 11:38am


The break-in took place overnight at the Drury Street spot.


Lifestyle store and eatery, Industry & Co, took to Instagram this morning to show they had suffered a break-in at their café last night. In the post they provide details from the break-in as well as photographs of the damage done to the window.

According to the caption:


"The cafe was broken into in the middle of the night, the glass was shattered down with a bollard, and our till drawer was pulled out of it’s place within a matter of seconds - stealing our team’s hard earned money.. whatever they could get their hands on."

Industry & Co go on to say that no one was hurt, and the gardaí arrived at the café to assess the break-in soon after. While they admit that they were "shattered" to see the damage, the café is aiming to remain positive, saying, "we're all set to bounce back much stronger."

Despite the break-in and the damage, Industry & Co opened the café today with the hopes of getting on with things. If you're in town today, consider popping by the hatch.

Header image via Instagram/industrydesign


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