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24th Oct 2018

PICS: White Moose Cafe Founder Shares Aftermath Of Violent Attack On Him At Merchants Quay

Darragh Berry

Social media influencer and co-founder of the White Moose Cafe Jason Kidd revealed that he was violently attacked on Tuesday night in an attempted robbery.

Three people attacked Jason and a friend in the Merchants Quay area while he and a friend, Sal, were making their way home.

In his stories, he said that: “My best friend and I were assaulted last night in an attempted robbery on the way home. I got hit badly but thankfully my friend didn’t. It was around the Merchant’s Quay area and there were three of them.

“I want to thank my angel Sal who was absolutely fearless and protected me and screamed for help. I also want to thank the staff at the clinic there on the Quays who rushed out as soon as they heard and I lastly want to thank the Bridewell Gardaí for being absolute gents and dropping us home safely,” he added.

He said that he hoped people would learn from his mistakes about “staying safe on a night out.”

“There will always be someone waiting around a corner so make sure, if you can, to never be alone.”

The following photos are very graphic and viewer discretion is advised:

Jason Kidd Attack 1
Jason Kidd Attack 2
Jason Kidd Attack 3

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