Kate Winslet Has Finally Admitted It: Leo COULD Have Fit On That Door

We all knew this


It's the piece of information that broke the hearts of emotional film fanatics everywhere: Leo could have fit on that door after all.

Kate Winslet appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday to chat about her unwavering support for her Titanic co-star at recent awards ceremonies. 

Naturally, Kimmel didn't hesitate to ask the actress about #doorgate. 

#Doorgate, you say?

Yes, the worldwide phenomenon that puts forward the theory there was more than enough room on that floating door for both Jack and Kate – and pointing out that she could have easily saved her lover's life by just moving over a little bit. 

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And to the surprise of the world, she agreed:

"I think he could have actually fit on that bit of door."

Thus avoiding THIS:

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Fans have suitably lost their mind, finally putting director James Cameron's ridiculous buoyancy theory to rest.

So cheers, Rose. Thanks for quite literally sinking everyone's favourite heartthrob, and consecutively, our hopes and dreams.

We all knew this graphic spoke the truth:


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