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04th Dec 2018

PIC: There Are Embarrassing Allegations On Social Media About An Taoiseach And He’s Had To Release A Statement To Deny It

Darragh Berry

An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has had to release a statement on Twitter, denying recent allegations that have been spreading on social media.

Varadkar attended the Kylie Minogue concert in the 3Arena on Monday night and it is here that it is claimed that he had a complimentary free meal and drinks which was provided by 3Arena.

Someone has said that:

“Here’s a story I hope goes viral. The Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, who has had a spoiled and privileged life was at the Kylie Minogue gig in the Three Arena on Monday 3rd of December. He was brought to the VIP bar along with his partner, 2 undercover Gardai, and 4 other persons.

“This party of 8 had a meal and drinks. They were served by the same waitress for the duration. When it was time to pay, Leo Varadkar pulled out a card but was told by the manager that the entire bill was complimentary and taken care of by the 3 Arena.

“A well fed, for free, party of eight people, led by the Prime Minister of Ireland, could not find it in their hearts to tip the waitress who had served them so well. Please share this everywhere to shame that spoiled brat Varadkar.”

Word about these allegations have been spreading like wildfire and even caught the attention of Varadkar himself who has firmly denied that there is any such truth in the rumours:

I’ve been made aware of a post on social media saying I had a free meal at a concert the other night. This is not true. There was no meal, we only had drinks and I paid. I have the receipt to prove it too,” he said in a tweet.

In October, Varadkar stated that he was looking to establish an independent report on the National Broadband Plan to see if it had been affected by details that emerged regarding private dinners between the then Minister for Communication, Denis Naughten and the broadband bidder.

The controversial meal led to the resignation of Naughten.

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