WATCH: This Dubliner's Surprise Proposal Beats Any Engagement Hands Down

It starts with a huge white lie and he's put some effort into it

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This will definitely brighten up your week but it's guaranteed to make you bawl cry also.

This Dubliner went to extreme lengths to propose to his long-term girlfriend.

Other lads are really going to have to step up the game following Jayson Flynn's engagement to girlfriend, Nadine from Ballyfermot.

The video starts off with a white lie - he told her that they were going to a 60th birthday party - but before long she realises why she's really there.

If the video is not playing in the article, it can be found here.

Nadine, who happily let us share the video on our site - has still not fully got her head around the proposal almost three weeks later:

"So here it is the most amazing proposal ever !!!! I always choke up when I watch other people proposals - well let me tell ya I've cried every time since."

We're not crying, YOU'RE CRYING.

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