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20th Dec 2016

Looks Like Ireland Is Getting ANOTHER Cold Snap This Year


The weather in Ireland was so mild for the past few days and everybody got lulled into a false sense of security, but now it seems we’re due for another cold snap.

While weather people have recently stated that the white Christmas we were all hoping for is now off the cards, it’s looking likely that the country will experience near-freezing temperatures as of Christmas Eve.

Pat Clarke of Met Éireann told the Irish Daily Star,

At the moment it looks like Christmas Eve and Christmas morning will start off cold with frost. Nothing serious, but given we have had little to none this month it will be a change. The temperatures will be up and down all week. Some days they will be up at 10C to 12C and other days it will be closer to 7C, with temperatures dropping a lot lower later in the week, maybe between 1C and 5C – around normal for the time of year.

Let’s just hope that this time the country is prepared with plenty of salt for those icy paths and roads.

Let’s not have any more mishaps like this.

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