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21st Aug 2020

Message of apology appears on Berlin D2 window following viral party video

Megan Cassidy

A message of apology scrawled across the window of Berlin D2 was spotted yesterday evening.

Twitter user Barry Hartigan shared a snap of the window with the words ‘Sorry we messed up’ emblazoned across it:

The message comes after a brunch event held at the venue last weekend drew widespread criticism after a video depicting a barman pouring drinks in attendees’ mouths emerged.

The owner of Berlin D2 as well as event organisers were condemned for flagrantly disregarding Covid restrictions, with Simon Harris tweeting that the scenes were ‘a right kick in the gut’.

Event organiser Jess Brennan slammed the Ministers’ reaction this week on Instagram, asserting that the event was a ‘largely rule-adherent small gathering’ and that the venue was a ‘convenient scapegoat’ for the Government to hide their ‘own s****y mistakes behind’.

According to The Irish Times, the event as they broke no laws and were not in breach of public health regulations and therefore there will not be any prosecutions.

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Lead image via Instagram/eleanorcos