Motorists, Get Yo Wallets Out – M50 Tolls Could Increase Significantly

This can't be good...

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Some baaad news for motorists who use the M50 or the Dublin Port Tunnel daily – toll fees could be increasing by up to 60 cent...

Which may not seem like much but if you go through the tolls twice daily, five times a week – that's €32! 

It's currently priced at €2.60 for non-tag holders, and will be brought up to €3.20 with this new increase.

There goes the money you'd spend on your morning flat white. Sob. 

The fee will be as a result of an opinion issued to the European Court of Justice by an advocate general, who argues that VAT should be applied to any toll fees paid on any State-owned motorways.


Will this affect your commute?

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