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21st Aug 2017

This Is Why Traffic In The City Is Mental This Morning


Dublin motorists are being reminded of new traffic layouts affecting city centre roads this morning.

As of yesterday, there is now no right turn available from Bachelors Walk on to O’Connell Bridge apart from those on buses, taxis and bicycles. 

As well as that, general traffic is reduced to one single lane from Ormond Quay Upper to Eden Quay on the north quays while there will also just be one lane available for private vehicles between Burgh Quay and Essex Quay on the south quays. 

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The move is also aimed at making it easier for public transport to move through what is known as one of the moswt difficult places to turn in the city.  

Dublin City Council have said that the permanent changes are being made now as to facilitate motorists before the Luas Cross City Line becomes fully operational later this year.

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