One Of Dublin's Most Loved Nightclubs Has Closed Down After 14 Years

By Sarah

October 13, 2017 at 8:12am


It's sad news for the youthful clubbers of Dublin, as one of the most popular nightclubs in town has announced it has shut its doors after a long 14 years.

SIN Nightclub on Sycamore Street is where college nights out basically lived, and we bet every single one of you has ended up here at least once over the years.

It was kinda a right of passage for any 18 year old in the city.

And now it's no more... SIN wrote on its Facebook page:


"WOW what an amazing 14 years. You guys have rocked all over my dance floor, sucked the face off each other in dark corners, been entertained by some of the worlds best DJ's, been served by 224 different staff members, and generally were the sole of my existence.

"Last night I closed my eyes for the final time. Its has been fun. 



The club was a regular favourite of Conor McGregor, so we can only imagine he'll be just as devo to hear the news.

Bad luck Freshers, you're gonna have to find somewhere else to down yer shots of Blue Kamikazis.

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