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03rd Jul 2018

PICS: Pantibar Stone-Throwing Culprit Posted About Attack Online Minutes Before It Took Place

Darragh Berry

Pantibar was attacked on Friday night with a brick and it seems as though the culprit posted online minutes before the attack.

Owner Rory O’ Neill AKA Pantibliss took to Instagram to share the picture which said: “FAIRIES (fags) OUT OF IRELAND” in Irish.

However, Irish journalist, Matthew Mulligan who works for Storyful has found a thread on 4chan which allegedly shows the culprit commenting that they are about to: “commit a hate crime lads it involves a stone and some piteoga.”

Pantibar Rock 1
Pantibar Rock 2

The culprit in question went on to say that: “There’s a lot of faggots and bouncers here actually not sure if I have the bollocks to chuck it” and added “Jesus Christ there’s about 100 people outside, I could make a clean getaway if I didn’t think I’d freeze up.”

Gardaí confirmed that a man in his late teens was arrested soon after the attack.

You can find the full 4chan chain here which starts around the half 10 mark.

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