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20th Dec 2016

People Of Dublin – Can You Help This Distraught Family Find Peppi The Service Dog?


We have a serious soft spot for dogs here, and although we can’t share all the lost dog stories that reach us, we were moved by the story of Peppi.

She’s a service dog who escaped by the family home, and although she was brought to the pound she has been taken away by another family.

Sounds like the sort of case that could be solved quickly and easily, but the family have been running into difficulties, as they outline below.

PLEASE SHARE!Our dog Peppi was brought to Ashton Pound, River Road when she escaped in Foxrock recently and was…

Posted by Lauran Kilmartin on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Do you recognise her? Or could you share it with people in the area?

We’d love to see a happy ending to this one, and will keep you posted.