PIC: Evelyn Cusack's Face Just Summed Up Our Nation's Sense Of Unease Over The Weather

If something seems too good to be true...


You know when your mate is being sound to you – like, really, really sound to you – and you get a sense that something is a bit amiss?

Like they're about to drop some horrible life-destroying bombshell on you, so they're just sweetening you up in advance?

Well, that's precisely how the entire nation has felt about the weather this week

What's going on here?

Why is it being so nice?

What's it up to?

Naturally, of course, nobody felt this sense of unease quite like the nation's meteorologists – and Evelyn Cusack tonight, as she so often does, summed up the mood of a nation:

Yup. We hear you, Evelyn.

We hear you.

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