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PIC: This A-Lister Has Been Spotted Holidaying In Ireland

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Celebrities love Ireland.

No, really. They do!

Our calm sense of living and easygoing friendliness is so attractive to their busy and harsh lives. However, sometimes phrases get lost in translation. 

Take Prison Break actor, Dominic Purcell for example.

The British-born Australian actor has been spending time on The Emerald Isle over the past few weeks and, of course, while he’s here – he was spotted by some young fans. 

They posted a picture with Purcell to their social media, which said ”prison break head on him”.

Poor Dominic was, needless to say, flummoxed.

But, in good jest, he reposted the picture and most likely made the young lads’ day. 

Good stuff. 

H/T: Breaking News

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