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01st Feb 2018

PICS: This Is The Most Clamped Area Of Dublin And You NEED To Be Aware Of It

Darragh Berry

RTÉ reports that Waterways Ireland is defending its decision to clamp 21 cars on Dublin’s South Dock Road on Monday.

Those parked and clamped on the laneway were furious when they were stopped by the private clamping company.

The laneway is owned by Waterways Ireland and they stated that cars were blocking the access to an operational yard.

A spokeswoman for Waterways Ireland told the national broadcaster:

“I had already warned people parking of the issues arising, such as access to the yard and also access to the emergency services.” 

The spokesperson went on to add that while there were 21 cars clamped on Monday, that figure had often reached 40 cars on some days.

2018 01 29 Photo 00000267
2018 01 29 Photo 00000270

Images courtesy of Dan MacDonnell.

The Alleyway in the Dublin Docklands had previously offered ‘easy’ and free parking until the clampdown but people still continue to park there.

So, no matter how urgent it is or how desperate you are, do not clamp in this area of Dublin because this company will find you and clamp you.

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