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25th Jul 2017

PICS: This Shocking Video Of Cyclist Coming In Close Proximity To The Luas Will Make You Feel Very Sorry For Luas Drivers


The relationship between motorists and cyclists in Dublin city leaves a lot to be desired – especially with the new Luas Cross City tracks being introduced into town. 

Each party will say that the other is at fault – with screaming matches between cyclists and drivers being deemed an almost certain sight on your morning commute. 

Luas has released this video based around the necessity of their emergency brake when it comes to the city’s cyclists and their apparent death wishes. 

The below video will make you really feel for Luas drivers. 

Scary, right?

While it generally seems that everyone is at fault at times – we must say that cyclists don’t come off well in the above video. 

Thanks to Luas for sharing the above. 

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